Manou Fishing is the first to have developed and organised the concept of cruise fishing, from Cap d’Ambre to Majunga. We are therefore extremely familiar with the subject, and we will do everything to ensure you spend magic and unforgettable moments. 


The fishing cruises can be north-bound towards Cap d’Ambre, Mitsio , Courrier Bay, Cap St Sébastien, as well as south-bound, from the Radama archipelago to the bay of Moramba, passing through the bay of Narinda…


The weather at the time will be a decisive factor in the choice of the direction to take. We can organise tailor-made programs on request, according to the the type of fish sought and the area you want to go to.


Just ask us for what you want and we will be happy to put it together and quote for it. Whether you are after a pre-established formula or a tailor-made one (“à la carte”), please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Manou Fishing is always at your service!