Useful Information

• Air Transport

••• From France


With Air Austral (

This is a French airline based in Réunion Island. It is renowned for its reliability. There are return flights from Paris (CDG) to Nosy-Be (NOS), with a short stopover in Réunion Island (RUN). One to three aerial rotations per week are generally available, depending on the periods of the year.


With Air Madagascar (

This is the national airline of Madagascar. It offers return flights between Paris (RDC) and Nosy-Be (NOS), with a stopover in Antananarivo (TNR) (the capital of Madagascar), and a change of aircraft with a local carrier. However, we should point out that last minute changes occur quite often, without any warnings or refunds offered to the passengers. It is always annoying and irritating when this happens.


With  Air France (

Flights from Paris (CDG) to Antananarivo (TNR) on an Air France aircraft, then internal flights with Air Madagascar. Or, from Paris (ORLY) to Réunion (RUN) with Air France, then flight from Réunion (RUN) to Nosy-Be (NOS) with Air Austral.


••• From Italy


With Neos Air (

A reliable Italian airline which proposes direct flights from Milan (MXP) to Nosy-Be (NOS) every week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

• Health

Before departure

It is advisable to consult your doctor(and possibly your dentist) and check that your vaccinations are up-to-date.



It is recommended to protect yourself, especially at night, by sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net, wearing long clothing and using mosquito repellents in open areas. Plan a preventive anti-malaria treatment.


A medical repatriation insurance should be taken to cover yourself in case of a serious incident.


For further information, you can consult the French website ( and Manou Fishing.

• Practical advice


Any foreigner wishing to visit Nosy-Be/Madagascar must have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months after the return date. The visa can be issued on arrival at Nosy-Be Fascene International Airport or in France before departure. For basic procedures, you can inquire with the Malagasy Embassy or at your nearest Consulate.



The official currency of Madagascar is the Ariary, you can change your Euro in the banking agencies of Nosy-Be.

The current exchange rate is approximately 1 € = 3 300 Ariary.



  •  A packable rain jacket, like the K-Way type; thunderstorms can be unpredictable depending on the season.

  • A pair of light shoes, crocs or similar, for your fishing trips; as the coating of the boats is white, a sole that does not mark would be best.

  • Mosquito repellent, long and loose lightweight clothing in order to be as comfortable as possible.