Your Guide

Founded in 1995, Manou Fishing is one of the first fishing structures on Nosy-Be, headed by Manuel Amat, known as Manu.


He has always been an angler, quite frankly, he has been one ever since he could walk! This passion has never left him ; hooking fish is like a quest for the Holy Grail to him, every single time. 

From bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean to marlin in Africa, it was ultimately in Madagascar that he discovered the unique world of sport fishing. He is probably the first fisherman to have thrown a Popper to catch the Carangue Ignobilis "Giant Trevally“ in Malagasy waters.


All these years of exploring have allowed him to discover a very broad playing field. Even though the Malagasy coasts don’t really hold any more secrets for him, mother nature can sometimes unveil some beautiful surprises…


Today, he is the only international guide affiliated with the IGFA on Madagascar. He is the only one qualified to be able to validate a record fish to the IGFA all across the Malagasy territory and what he is absolutely sure about is that the Malagasy abysses haven’t revealed all their treasures yet…


He has had a policy of releasing fish for a very long time, only keeping the ones intended for the meals of the day.