Fishing equipment

Fishing in the Malagasy waters requires appropriate, powerful and resilient equipment.


For jig fishing and casting Popper/Stickbait, you will need sets of a minimum strength of 50 lbs, 80 lbs being the ideal strength for all purposes, but nothing stops you from having sets of 100 lbs, or even 130 lbs which has become a trend lately, but one must be in good physical condition to fish for days on end with this very powerful equipment.


Manou Fishing provides you with the equipment for troll fishing, the boat is equipped with several rods and reels of different line strengths, Pen inter2 and Shimano Tiagra. For jigging and popping, your reels must be filled with braid of good quality and of equivalent strength to your rods, Malagasy fish won’t make it easy for you and the slightest weakness in your equipment will cost you.


The choice of the lures is yours but we are accustomed to using a few well known references from the world of exotic fishing, TB lures, Orion, Comodo, Roosta, Surface Bull, Dumbel pop, Pulsion Ange Porteux… Please note that we use the whole range of TB Lures including the latest generations - Stickbait, Popper, Plugs… that are indestructibles and have proven very good at catching carangues and other fish.


Arm your lures with good quality hooks, treble or single, you will find what you need at Owner, VMC and BKK…

For the jigs, we would recommend jigs that go from 150 gr. to 300 gr. There is no shortage of references for these but we also have our habits. We frequently use Williamson, Patriot, Smith, Searock, Shoot, Fisherman…


Don’t forget to fit high quality Assists, manufacturers such as Owner, VMC, Shoot, and BKK are very good references. Your usual retailers will be able to guide you in your choices, but please do not hesitate to come back to Manou Fishing to get some advice from us, we will be delighted to guide you in your selections.


For those who prefer to come "off the cuff" to save themselves the hassle of travelling with tubes, etc. we have developed a rental system for rods, reels and even lures. At the club, they will also have access to small equipment (consumable) which will be invoiced to them at the same price they would have been charged in fishing stores in France. The rented equipment is in excellent condition, maintained under our care.


The brands for rental are:

  • For the rods
    • Zenaq,
    • Hearty Ryse,  
    • Garbolino
  • For the reels
    • Shimano 10 000 18 000 2 0000 sw,
    • Daiwa expedition,
    • Catalina,
    • Saltiga.

The rental price for rods and reels varies between 20 and 30€ per day according to the value of the chosen equipment.